Friday, May 11, 2012

What is Holistic Development?

Holistic development of the person means the integrated development of all the dimensions of the human person with the goal of leading the person to the optimum level and quality of life performance at whatever stage of the individual's personal history.

It is premised on the  fundamental concept of the human person as body-soul-spirit. It is  an approach to personal development based on the concept of the human person as an integrated whole naturally connected with the whole of reality.

Personal development can be achieved in any of the different dimensions or aspects of the human person, like development in intellectual performance or physical performance, but holistic development involves the total dimension of the human person's individuality as well as fundamental relations.

Holistic development employs philosophical, spiritual and scientific principles in the development of the human person, not in a separate, fragmented way but in an integrated, unified  approach.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Loving Awareness Leads to Holistic Excellence

Awareness of the nature of one’s being and living accordingly creates an inner harmony that translates into a balanced and ordered living even as one live life with serendipity or grind.

Living with complexity, harried demand and the chaos of media diversion has led to the fragmented feeling, inner discord, fatigue, restlessness and despondency experienced by many. Modern life has programmed people to the belief that happiness comes from having and becoming society’s clone.

Living from within the wellspring of being – becoming aware of and finding delight and one’s happiness from what is - is a doorway to holistic excellence.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Key to Holistic Excellence

31 December 2009

Holistic excellence is fundamentally a state of being. It is a way of living that proceeds from an awareness of and connection to the source of one’s being. Hence, the key to holistic excellence is learning to live from the ground of one’s being – the creative energy, the divine milieu. It is drawing energy and direction from the wellspring of one’s being - the divine energy called love. Love is the key to holistic excellence.

Holistic Excellence

29 December 2009

Holistic excellence is living in dynamic equilibrium and integral balance with the whole of reality. It is characterized by a sense of peace, harmony and unity with all things, having attained that deep sense of inner peace and confidence in the love in whom we live and have our being.

Holistic excellence does not necessarily imply freedom from any strain, struggle or pain, or conflict, but rather, a potential for swiftly moving away from them within short notice - just time enough to be aware of their presence and seeing the doorway to freedom.

It takes some time to learn holistic excellence. Not because it is a complicated thing, but because it is too simple as to elude the person convoluted by the fascinating, distracting and worrying aspects of daily living which have been programmed unknowingly to oneself. And so there is a need to explore ways to vanish the elements that prevent its being realized in our life.